Appointment Setting

Appointment Diva


The Appointment Diva is Christine Cote, CEO of S-Squared Solution. Christine has over 20 years experience in outbound Executive Level Appointment Setting and has set appointments with target Decision Makers at F2000 companies that have resulted in 5 and 6 figure sales for her clients. Besides her experience in appointment setting, she also continues to train and manage her internal staff of veteran professionals in a variety of industries.


Appointment Setting



Phonjack is Jack DeRosa. Jack started using the phone to generate B2B leads and  to conduct sales for over 40 years. For nearly two decades he owned and managed DeRosa Communications, which specialized in Executive level B2B appointment setting in the technology, marketing and financial services industries.


Peer-to-peer communication is essential to the success of the effort. Avoid hiring the lowest-common-denominator. That approach can and most likely will backfire as the recipients of the call may interpret this form of representation as indicative of the quality of...

Dealing with Voicemail

In many cases, when cold calling to set appointments with executive decision makers to the F2000 and SMB marketplace, we first run into screens. No matter whether it is an administrative assistant guarding the gates, or even, more frequently than not, even if you get...

Appointment Setting Basics

Whether you run a small business and wear many hats, or have a sales force dedicated to closing deals, you don’t want to waste your time or your sales people’s time chasing poor quality leads. Appointment setting campaigns involving complex solutions with 5, 6 or 7...