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 We can help you find veteran b2b professionals with expertise in your industry. Please fill in the form at right as best you can to convey your requirement as specifically as possible.

Target Decision Maker Title(s). Who are you trying to reach in your market? Sometimes it’s the CFO. Or it could be CTO; VP Finance; Purchasing Manager; or a department head. Be specific, but brief. There is room in the Requirement Specifics area to elaborate.

The Primary Language could be useful if you’re targeting a specific area where a language other than English is prevalent. You may want to reach a Spanish speaking population in the US or elsewhere. Or maybe you’re looking to open the Montreal market where French Canadian is common. Or another country. The Language fields can help us zero in on the fit.

The Requirement Specifics field is where you can let us know if you need appointment setting, lead generation, event registration. Or maybe it’s trade show follow up. Let us know here.

Use the Industry fields to let us know your primary business or the target market you want to penetrate.


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