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Work from home veteran b2b professionals with expertise in your industry and their own home office are available. PhoneForce specializes in vetting the highest quality business to business professionals. Why pay a search firm or a search site when all you have to do is see the form next to this paragraph and set your requirements. And it’s free to you and to the Talent you hire. Whether your needs are short term part time or full time permanent, you can find what you need here. You don’t have to pay a set up fee, nor does the Talent you hire. No percentage of your arrangement with them is charged. Just fill in the fields and our system of matching the right person with your needs takes over. You can set how many resumes you want to receive and select from there. And if you want a little more help finding talent, there are a variety of fee based options from which you can choose. S-Squared Solution has partnered with PhoneForce to offer you several options, including: active search; live interviewing; CRM access; scripting; full service campaign management. To learn more, check the Send Info box under Fee Based Information. Either way, Free or Fee, click Find Talent to get started growing your business.

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