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Enter yourself twice or more if you have multiple Primary Skill Sets. Eg: If you are super qualified in Appointment Setting with IT Decision Makers and Financial Decision Makers, then do two separate entries and make a note of it in the appropriate Describe Skill Set Experience field. You can and should also enter in your other skills in that text field. Employers are looking for specific skill sets and industry experience, Don’t exaggerate or mislead. The main thing employers want is credibility. Be forthright. Be clear. If you have Secondary Language Fluency, be sure to enter it in that field. That can help make you a candidate. But don’t use that field if you aren’t really fluent in that particular language. Also, if your Primary Language Fluency is something other than English, don’t be hesitate to enter it there. Again, be forthright and honest. Employers are looking for people to make their first introduction to prospective clients. First impressions count. Your first impression to a prospective client for the employer is critical. Fill in the form, submit it and receive your free “Resume Writing Tips.”

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